Cafe Gratitude – Organic Gourmet Raw and Cooked Cuisine

Posted on: 27th Jul 2012

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Another Cafe Gratitude has opened in Los Angeles this week, this one on the west side in Venice (the first on Larchmont Blvd in Hollywood). A 100% organic vegan restaurant known for its gourmet raw and cooked cuisine. All of the dishes are cooked with organic produce from their own farm in Vacaville, CA

Their motto, ” to honor the earth as we honor ourselves”, explains why they have created a menu that promotes consciousness and sustainability for our well-being and health as well as the planet and all of its inhabitants. They practice business through eyes of love, with a view they call Sacred Commerce,where it’s understood one makes mistakes, where there’s a commitment to strong communication, and to giving gratitude for their lives.

With names on the menus like I Am Warm, I Am Giving, I Am Terrific and I Am Thriving etc., not only will you get a delectable meal that’s good for you but you might leave feeling better about yourself. As an extra added bonus you might lay eyes on pop star Jason Mraz – he’s been involved with Cafe Gratitude for years now – last night I did!!

Cafe Gratitude  512 Rose Avenue Venice, CA 90291 & 639 N. Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004 323.580.6383