The Hollywood Reporter – 25 Top Power Lunch Restaurants

Posted on: 25th Jan 2013

With a list of menu items such as “I Am Fabulous” (raw lasagna with cashew ricotta) and “I Am Awesome” (eggplant parmesan on grilled panini bread), just placing an order here can make a person feel good.

Stepbrothers Ryland Engelhart and Cary Mosier opened their organic-vegan-raw specialty restaurant in the Bay Area in 2004 then expanded to L.A., first in Larchmont in March 2011 then in Venice in July 2012. 

Colin Farrell and Anne Hathaway are among those taking in the communal and sustainable vibe at Larchmont, and “all the Arquettes come in,” says Mosier. Insiders consider it a hotspot for courting indie and new talent, and it’s an especially popular pick when power-lunching with actor clients on rigid diets.

The most popular dishes are the “I Am Whole” macrobiotic sea-vegetable rice or quinoa bowl and (ironically for Hollywood) a curried-lentil dish called “I Am Humble.”

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